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What We Do

You can break our work down into 3 elements:

We run series of workshops in partnership with universities and innovation hubs. Workshops are interactive, and based around tools and methodologies to help grow social start-ups. They generally last 3 to 4 hours.

Series are either for those looking to start a new venture – a Design Course – or for pre-existing ventures to help accelerate their impact and growth.

Upcoming Workshops...

One-to-one support of social ventures is essential to their progress down a pipeline of development – from narrowing down on an idea in a design course to developing processes as ventures absorb their first funding.

We do this through 3 types of relationships with ventures:

In addition, we run an annual awards to reward and stimulate progress of social ventures.

Changing the World, One Friendship at a Time


Exchanges offer a unique experience to experientially learn about social entrepreneurship in a global context through a placement with a youth-led social venture.

We place peer-to-peer friendships at the heart of this experience to create a much richer and more equitable intercultural experience. Not only is this much more enjoyable for all involved, but it is tailored to the skills of participants and is sustained through a longer-term remote collaborative experience over the internet. Providing an enduring, more meaningful, and more sustainable form of intercultural cooperation.