Why a United Social Ventures Exchange?


Use your skills, fresh perspective, and passion to develop systemic development solutions, with the potential for helping many more people than you could physically interact with over a short-term trip.   
  • "I felt like my skills were actually useful so I was beneficial to the ventures"

    Josie, 2018 Volunteer
    1st Year, Law
    Birmingham University
  • “Meeting Makarere students and working with them was definitely the best part of my experience. I think that's unique to UniTED and was completely different from anything I'd been involved with before.”

    Yoojung, 2017 Volunteer
    2nd Year, English Literature
    Oxford University


Peer-to-peer collaborations are the most appropriate form of international volunteering. You’re not going to be given undue decision-making power; you are going to have a real impact.


Continue to volunteer and be involved with your Ugandan venture over the internet on returning home. The trip is just the tip of the iceberg!
  • "I made some really wonderful friends who I am sure I will stay in contact with for years to come."

    Esther, 2016 Volunteer
    2nd Year, Theology
    Oxford University
  • "The experience was invaluable for my future career in global health research and reaffirmed my desire to work in East Africa."

    Tonia, 2017 Volunteer
    PhD Candidate, Physiology
    Oxford University


Experiential learning is (by far!) the best way to learn about social entrepreneurship. United’s initial training and on-going guidance provides a unique platform to attain important skills that will be useful throughout your career.


Out of peer-to-peer collaborations naturally flow friendships and a genuine experience of Ugandan culture with all its nuances – not just the typical foreign volunteer experience. United also offers the freedom to explore Uganda independently or as part of a group.
  • "It was a really brilliant trip, especially meeting the different people and visiting different parts of Uganda"

    Sasannah, 2016 Volunteer
    2nd Year, Theology
    Oxford University

Explore Uganda

Choose additional activities at the weekends…

Kampala Tour
Source of Nile
Bungee Jump

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