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Bürger:sinn:stiftung was founded in 2004 in Münster, Germany, as a charitable foundation of a special kind. It organises its local engagements based on a global sense of responsibility.

The foundation is politically and confessionally neutral but its activities are based on a clear strategy. The charter summaries its mission with the following guiding principle:

“The foundation aims to identify crucial societal challenges and problems at an early stage. It aims to develop exemplary and scientifically well-founded solution models. It sees itself as a forum for committed citizens who want to promote social progress, guided by the aim of a humane, just, peaceful, democratic and sustainable society.”

In the pursuit of this aim, bürger:sinn:stiftung promotes a wide range of activities and projects, all of which are unified by their adherence to the aforementioned guiding principle.

In 2010 the foundation was awarded the Marion-Dönhoff award for its project “Farmschule Baumgartsbrunn”.

bürger:sinn:stiftung regards it as an honour to pass on its experience in development work and to financially support the promising enterprise that United Social Ventures is. We believe the project has great potential to empower citizens to help themselves.

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