Our Mission:

Empowering Youth-led Change

Our Theory of Change:


Passionate Young People



Our Vision 

Young People Leading Ventures Advancing Global Flourishing

Our Values:

We have duties to those in need around the world.
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Placing social impact at the heart of innovations.
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Learning through leading. Today and Tomorrow.
Meaningful change requires a relational approach.

Some of Our Thoughts:

What Do We Mean By ‘Global Flourishing’?

Global flourishing is not just about material well-being.

Material well-being is just instrumental in achieving a greater end where all people are respected by virtue of their common humanity and, therefore, free from social constraints to pursue their dreams.

These ideas on this are heavily influenced by a paper by Elizabeth Anderson, What Is The Point Of Equality?

Why Social Entrepreneurship?

A social entrepreneur envisages a better world and strives to create it through systemic change.

We believe that we can maximize our impact by supporting these people to support them in their journey to make their venture more impactful, financial sustainability, and scalable.

What Is Global Citizenship?

A global citizen is someone pursing global flourishing. They have two major characteristics:

  1. Global Empathy – Accepting a portion of responsibility, wherever one has the power, for upholding the equal dignity of all people around the world, irrespective of their country, creed, class, or colour.
  2. Taking Collaborative Action – Fulfilling this responsibility requires action. More than that, it must be collaborative for the action to be genuinely empathetic and respectful of the agency of the beneficiary, wherever they are in the world.

Why Global Citizenship?

We believe that most of the world’s great challenges are symptoms of a lack of global citizenship.

If our leaders and citizenries had global concern and were more adept at taking collaborative action, then we would be able to create solutions for climate change, poverty, and war.

So, we believe that fostering a spirit of global citizenship can have a larger, more systemic impact. Think permanently re-filling cracks in the wall, rather than temporarily papering them over.

Why Friendships?

There is nothing better at (1) creating empathy, and (2) stimulating action and collaboration, than friendships. So naturally, that’s where we start.

Whether it’s between Ugandan entrepreneurs and their beneficiaries, or international volunteers and their Ugandan partners – friendships must be present for the venture to be successful.

Why International Volunteering?

International volunteering is a sector ripe for disruption precisely because it has failed to center the volunteering experience on friendships. This has left it open to critiques of being culturally insensitive and of limited sustainable impact.

Moreover, it is the natural place to start, if creating international friendships (and consequently global citizens) is your goal. And, we believe we can do it really, really well by making exchanges just the start!

Why Young People?

Let’s break it down, they are…

Future Leaders
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Innovative Thinkers
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Curious To Learn


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Active Volunteers
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